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CND - Girlfriend Buffer Single

CND Girlfriend Buffer is a professional-quality 2400/4000/12000 grit extra thick padded lustre buffer which creates a shine that lasts up to six weeks on natural nails and nail enhancements. This versatile buffer contains 3 buffer surfaces ? 2400 grit reduces scratches on natural nails and nail enhancements, 4000 grit creates low shine on natural nails and nail enhancements. 12000 grit creates high gloss shine on natural nails and nail enhancements. Available as individual or 4 Pack.

Directions for use

Wipe away all oil on the nails before buffing. Use 2400 grit and higher, gradually increasing grit size to bring the nail to a high shine. Use buffers from lowest to highest grit size for the most lustrous and lasting results. Wipe off nail between grit sizes for faster shine.

How to clean the CND Girlfriend Buffer :

Scrub with a firm brush and soapy water to remove all visible debris. If disinfecting is required, submerge in approved disinfectant according to disinfectant manufacturers instructions. Thoroughly dry before next use.

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