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CND - Glossing Buffer Block Single

CND Glossing Buffer Block is a professional-quality 4000 grit/slick shining surface, block buffer which reduces scratches and creates low shine on natural nails and nail enhancements. Perfect for accessing hard to reach sidewalls. The 4000 grit buffer produces a glossy, wet-looking finish on natural nails and nail enhancements. The glossing block has four sides making it last twice as long. Measurement is 89mm x 31mm x 31mm. Available as individual or 4 Pack.

Directions for use

Wipe away all oil on the nails before buffing. Use 2400 grit and higher, gradually increasing grit size to bring the nail to a high shine. Use buffers from lowest to highest grit size for the most lustrous and lasting results. Wipe off nail between grit sizes for faster shine. Use a light touch on the natural nail with the Glossing Buffer Block for optimum results.

How to clean the CND Glossing Buffer Block :

Scrub with a firm brush and soapy water to remove all visible debris. Rinse and dry.

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