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CND™ VINYLUX - Gel-Like Effect Top Coat 15 ml

CND Vinylux Gel-Like Effect Long Wear Top Coat is a plumping top coat with gel-like shine. It adds volume and creates a strong and tough coating to help protect nails. ?Vinylux Gel-Like Effect Top Coat provides a brilliant gel-like shine and is specially designed to add a gorgeous special effect finish to any CND Vinylux shade of nail polish.

Toxin-free, this easy to apply top coat ensures your Vinylux polish lasts up to 4x longer than traditional nail polish. Quick drying - dries naturally in just 8.5 minutes.?

Ergonomic curve-hugging brush makes it easy to achieve a flawless and smooth application. CND Vinylux Long Wear Gel-Like Effect Top Coat is the final layer that completes the CND Vinylux System.

CND Vinylux is cruelty-free, vegan friendly and specially formulated to nurture your natural nails. It is 7-free ? Free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DPB), formaldehyde resin, xylene, and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).? Contains nurturing and pampering vitamin E, jojoba oil and keratin.

Note: CND Vinylux Top Coats are also available in the following :

  • CND Vinylux Long Wear Weekly Top Coat
  • CND Vinylux Long Wear Matte Top Coat
  • CND Long Wear Pearl Top Coat

Directions for Use

Ensure nails are very clean and prepared well. Use CND Scrubfresh Nail Surface Cleanser or rubbing alcohol on a lint-free pad to clean nails thoroughly and remove any surface contaminants.

Shake bottle vigorously to blend well, and then apply two thin layers of Vinylux Color. Wait a couple of minutes then finish with one layer Vinylux Gel-Like Effect Top Coat.

Use for manicures and pedicures.? CND Vinylux removes easily with regular nail polish remover. For a nourishing nail polish remover use CND Offly Fast.



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