Creative Nails

CND™ - Proseries - Liquid & Powder Brush #6


WHAT THEY ARE: Artist-quality sculpting brushes with Kolinski Red Sable hair and durable, clear acrylic handles.

WHAT THEY DO: Our brushes allow for easy pick-up and correct mix ratio. Easy to convert to square edge when flattened for firm pressure and precise placement.

WHY YOU NEED THEM: To assure easy sculpting with smooth control.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Before the first use, remove the protective gum coating using a fibre-free disposable towel to spread hairs and gently break stiffness; rock hairs from side to side until coating is free from brush. Pour monomer into dappen dish and submerge brush. Apply firm pressure to spread hairs. Rock brush from side to side, coating each hair. This will assure full wetting and eliminate air between hairs, which could lead to trapped bubbles in the sculpting bead.

Storage: Store horizontally in a sculpting brush case with a solvent resistant liner, or in a drawer designated for sculpting brushes, lined with a disposable lint-free towel.

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