A Nail Professional often has a variety of employment options depending on the city they live in.

Once graduated the most likely are:

• Salon employee

• Rent-a-table

• Salon owner

Nail Professional careers often start as a salon employee, it is best to begin your career working with other professionals, they will teach you how to get the best results.

A salon employee receives a salary and often the majority of expenses are covered by the salon owner. Services are defined by the salon and prices are set by the owner.

Rent-a-table typically rents a space from the owner for a set rate. Rent-a-table's are their own business entity. They often create their own service menus, set prices and pay for the majority of expenses used in services. Of course, employees and renters may go on to own a salon.

Salon Owners have responsibility for the salon’s success. Their duties include: employees, payroll, service menu, service price, inventory, budgeting, finances, marketing and advertising. Many owners also provide salon services themselves and manage a full book of clients. 

No matter the role you currently hold, here are some top tips:

 Listen and Be Truly Interested in the Client’s Needs

Ask leading questions and let the customer talk until they are through with their thought. That is the key to hearing what the client wants – and making recommendations that will address their needs.

Sell Yourself

It’s easy to sell yourself when you talk about what drives passion. Speaking with enthusiasm and sincerity relays confidence and knowledge that appeals to clients.

Salon customers are buying home care products somewhere

This is a great opportunity to build your sales! The advantage Nail Professionals have is their understanding of their clients’ beauty goals and the time you have with your client to influence their choices.

Most of all, take the time with every client to access their needs at every appointment. Check with them to see how they have been in between appointments, are they continuing with their homecare or are they ready to start it. Keep being professional and keep doing your job!

Every three months ask your clients if they know anyone they think would like to have a nail treatment with us? We can offer a special treatment for their first time. Word of mouth is a great way to grow your clientele.

Consultations, a programme to achieve your clients desires, rebooking and retail sales are the keys to success.