Creative Nails


CND™ lamps are designed to optimise your results with CND™ Shellac, Creative Play Gel, Brisa and Plexigel. By following the full CND™ system which includes the LED lamp it ensure's proper cure. It matters which lamp you use* - it really does!

  • Preset buttons for both Plexigel and Brisa (2B) and Shellac (2S).
  • Lightweight and super easy to use!
  • The UV light reflects off the lamp base and ensures client comfort correct curing for every angle. 
  • The magnetic base allows the  detaches so the lamp can be placed easily over the clients foot in a pedicure (excellent for sanitation/disinfection between clients).
  • Custom cure to assist with client comfort
  • Acetone resistant
  • 1 year warranty

Product Profile - CND LED Lamp

CND Plexigel - Custom Cure

CND Shellac - Application and Removal

*CND rigorously test every CND range with their CND lamp. Every performance guarantee is backed by scientific testing. To claim the results you must follow the full system.

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