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CND™ - Scrub Fresh 946ml

What is it:
Scrubfresh is a natural nail surface cleanser and the perfect product to use on nails immediately prior to nail polish or enhancements. It improves adhesion and reduces lifting.

Why you need it:
Scrubfresh removes all contaminants such as oils or moisture from the nail plate and prolongs the wearability of nail coatings.

For a smooth and flawless nail polish, preparation is all important. Scrubfresh quickly evaporates, leaving your nails super clean, refreshed, and perfectly completes your prep.

Directions for Use:

Saturate a cotton pad in Scrubfresh and scrub (yes scrub) the entire natural nail plate using quite firm pressure. Paying special attention to the cuticle area and down the sides of each nail.

Apply to one hand, let dry and apply nail coating. Repeat with the other hand.


Use on natural nails prior to nail coating application to help prolong the wearability of nail coatings. Avoid use on nail tips.

Prof/Retail - 59ml, 222ml

Professional only - 946ml


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