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CND™ Over the Top Effects for Shellac

CND™ Over The Top Effects to help customise nail enhancement services by adding color, luster, shine, and shimmer! These highly pigmented colors and glitters are the perfect addition for premium designs and fine detailed nail art.

Designed to be a quick and easy upgrade to any set of nails, mix into sculpting powder or gel to customize color and for a high impact finish. 

The CND™ Over The Top Effects kit features four different luxurious chrome and holographic pigments: 

Pearl Obsession, a white chrome 

Lightning Bolt, a blue chrome

Off The Chain, a rose gold chrome

Gold Party, a gold holographic. 

For the ultimate nail artistry, layer over CND® SHELLAC® to accessorise with bold colour before finishing with NEW CND™ SHELLAC™ No-Wipe+ Top Coat.

Combinations of Shellac and Over the top effects images shown are

  • Wildfire + Off the Chain
  • Nude Knickers + Gold Party
  • Blackpool + Lightening Bolt
  • Creekside + Pearl Obsession
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