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Isopropyl Alcohol 5 litres

If you are looking for Hand Sanitiser Mist then we have this available in our two most popular scents and sizes. Breathe or Protect are available in 30ml or 60ml spray bottles.

Our Isopropyl Alcohol is 99.9% pure and is used to remove the sticky layer (inhibition layer) after your Shellac Top Coat has been cured during the Shellac process.  Apply one drop of Solar Oil per nail to finish your manicure or before you continue with a mask and massage

ISO is also used to clean your Brisa Gel Brush and can be used to clean your Nail Art brushes depending on the Nail Art, a menda bottle or spray bottle is best to dispense ISO safely.  This product evaporates so please keep in a sealed container and store under 40 degrees.



Decant into a sealed bottle or spray bottle. A menda pump bottle allows careful dispensing of this product. Saturate a lint free or plastic backed wipe and remove the sticky layer on your client's nails. 

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