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Micro Glitter - Brilliant Red

Looking for a touch of sparkle to your favourite manicure?

With Creative Nails wide range of micro glitter colours and transfer foils this can add just the right amount of GLAM; and it's easy to apply too.

There are heaps of colour options in both the micro glitters and foils, so choosing your perfect shade won't be a problem. Micro glitters and transfer foils can provide instantly eye-catching results that will easily spark interest in your more adventurous clientele while also providing you with an opportunity to upsell on your manicure or pedicure offering.

Directions for ApplicationMicro glitter application is super easy.

If you are using a traditional or long wear polish system like our CND Vinylux or CND Creative Play polish, you would prepare the nails as usual, apply base (for CND Creative Play polish).

If using CND Vinylux, that doesn't require a base coat, apply your two colour layers, allowing to dry between layers.

Apply the correct top coat and while still wet, sprinkle the micro glitter onto the nail. Do not dust off until completely dry. You could also apply the glitter to the second colour layer (while still wet) and when completely dry, apply your top coat.


If you are using it with a gel-polish system like - CND Shellac or CND Creative Play gel-polish, you would prepare the nails and apply as you usually would; one layer of gel base coat, and two layers of colour (curing each layer as you go along).After your final layer of colour, cure (don't remove the tacky layer as this will adhere the glitter to the nail).

Sprinkle your choice of micro glitter onto the tacky layer, covering the entire nail or as desired. Use a fan brush to remove excess.

Apply your gel-polish top coat and cure.

Pro TIP: Be sure to cover the entire nail and free edge with top coat and use a spare brush for your top coat to avoid getting any glitter particles into your top coat bottle.

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