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Polish Thinner 50ml

Use Nail Polish Thinner to thin out nail polish if it becomes thick and sticky. Nail Polish Thinner helps to restore the polish consistency.

Directions for Use

After adding two to three drops of thinner into the polish bottle, mix the nail polish thinner into your polish by rolling the bottle between your hands, or tipping up and down. Avoid shaking the bottle when adding thinner, as this can create air bubbles that weaken the polish and cause it to chip more frequently.

Prevention: Dealing with thick and difficult nail polish can be frustrating. ?Follow these prevention tips to avoid the problem. Here?s how:?

  • Store nail polish in a cool, dry area, and away from direct heat or sunlight, not the bathroom.
  • Keep bottles standing right way up. Don?t store them upside down or on their side; it can cause clumps and drying at the neck of the bottle.
  • Clean the outer neck of your polish bottle by wiping it with a lint-free pad soaked in nail polish remover. This will allow your lid to close properly and prevent air from getting inside.
  • Always tighten your polish bottle lid and never leave the lid off for longer than necessary. Exposing your polish to air is one of the leading reasons your polish thickens.
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