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Swarovski Tiny Treasures - Nail Piercing Crystal Aurore Boreale (Professional Only)

CRYSTALPIXIE Tiny Treasures Flat Backs come in packets of tiny crystals that can be mixed and matched to your hearts desire.

Choose your own combination to create a nail art design that is literally one of a kind. These shimmering Flat Backs can be added toany lacquer base for a beautiful delicate look.

Pair these pretty little sparkling crystals with CRYSTALPIXIE Tiny Treasures Crystal Caviar balls or CRYSTALPIXIE Tiny Treasures Nail Piercings, and turn your fingertips into miniature works of art!

Directions for Application Nail Piercing is for Professionals Only

A tiny hole must be drilled in the free edge, care must be taken to ensure the nail isn't damaged and no skin is pierced. Once complete select the correct jump ring and attach the jewel, the jump ring is to be placed through the hole and closed.

Jewellery making tools are an excellent accessory for this application.

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