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CND™ - Boomerang File

The CND Boomerang Padded File is a professional quality dual sided 180/180 grit grey padded and curved file. 180 grit on both sides shapes new and rebalanced nail enhancements. Spongy soft padded abrasive conforms to nail, eliminating flat spots and providing comfort for the user. Available as individual, 10 pack, or 50 pack.

To Clean: Scrub with a firm brush and soapy water to remove all visible debris. Can be disinfected. Dry thoroughly before next use.

Note on nail files:

Different types of nail files are recommended for different uses, so it is important to make your selection carefully. The higher the grit number, the smoother the file. Coarse files 80 to 100 are best for acrylic nail enhancements. Medium files 120 - 180 grit are suitable to shape acrylic nail enhancements and to shape the extension edge of toenails. Fine files 240/600 grit are best for shaping the free edge of natural nails. Ultra fine files 600/2400 grit are used for buffing and shining all types of nails. Files come in all sorts of materials including padded.

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