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CND™ TIPS - Coffin Tips 360pk (Pre-Shaped)


Create an effortless coffin shape in no time! 

WHAT THEY ARE: Professional-quality nail tips made of the finest virgin ABS plastic, designed with varied structural points for strength and flexibility. Full coverage tip.

WHAT THEY DO: Extend the natural nail to the desired coffin shape length and correct the appearance of misshapen nails.

WHY YOU NEED THEM: To provide a wide array of colour, and length options for a custom nail service for every client need.


COFFIN Tips - Get sculpted looks using these pre-shaped clear nail tips so you can get bold, edgy nails your clients will love. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Pre-tailor tip for precise fit. Apply SealeBond to tip and natural nail free edge. Place on nail and apply even pressure until set. Cut tip to desired length, gently blend and apply enhancement product. 

Do not apply solvent or acid-based primer to blended tip.

AVAILABLE IN: Sizes 100 pack, 360 pack



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