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CND Plexigel Starter Kit, CND LED Lamp & Plexigel Certification

With CND™ PLEXIGEL, common nail problems can be solved with ease, without pots, tubes or mess. Designed for a versatile and convenient multi-problem solution for nails, CND™ PLEXIGEL’s technology provides 3+ weeks of strength, length and shape with minimal application time.

Repair chips, cracks and splits with CND™ PLEXIGEL’s flexible and tough coating that simultaneously protects the natural nail. 
Plexigel Builder is now available in 5 colours!

Starter kit includes CND LED Lamp, CND Plexigel bonder, shaper, builder, top coat, 1x colour builder of choice and CND Plexigel certified education class.  This package is normally $791.50 + GST. 

Please add to your order notes which colour builder you would like - choose from - Spiced Taffy, Milky Mauve, Oat Milk, Porcelain or Soft Blush.

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