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CND™ SHELLAC - Seeing Citrine (Limited edition)

Better coverage, shine without compromise and superior results. Choose #CNDShellac and Never Look Back. 

WHAT IT IS: CND Shellac colour coat is designed specifically for use with the CND SHELLAC Gel Polish System: - On Like Polish Wears Like Gel Off in Minutes No Nail Damage* 

WHAT IT DOES: The second step in the CND SHELLAC System is the colour application, the colour brushes on for smooth, even coverage then is cured for long wear in the CND LED lamp. Providing a long-lasting colour coat to nails. 

WHY YOU NEED IT: Shellac provides a revolutionary, long-wear colour option for nails. Provides 14+ days of high-performance wear. Ergonomic curve-hugging brush for effortless, flawless application. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well to blend (minimum of 30 seconds per use). After applying and curing CND SHELLAC Base Coat (pre-set button 1 for 10 seconds). Apply a thin, even layer of CND SHELLAC Colour Coat using the 5-point polish method. Cure for one minute (preset button 2S) in the CND LED Lamp. Apply second layer of colour using the same process. Follow with CND SHELLAC Top Coat. There are 6 Shellac top coats to choose from, offering a variety of performance, finish and removal times. 

#CNDPROTIP Apply the CUTICLE COCKTAIL! Apply Cuticle Eraser and Solar Oil on your cuticles at night and all night long your cuticles get a perfect combination of micro exfoliation and conditioning. *When used as directed

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