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CND™ - New York Fashion Week Nail Kit

For Nail Art Lovers ? here is a quality kit containing many different materials to enhance your nails in Fashion Week style and create beautiful manicures or pedicures.? The kit contains the following:

Gold crown x 5
Copper Glitter 2g
New Square Studs (3mm)
Gold Chain (61cm)
Holographic Tinsel (20 Strands)
Black Holo Glitter (2g)
Silver Holo Glitter (2g)
Holo Squares (2g)
Fuchsia Holo Glitter (2g)

You can be as creative and imaginative as you wish with this kit and make all your own rules.

As a suggestion, you could apply your nail polish base coat to all your nails, then your two polish colour coats. Apply clear top coat to one nail at a time sprinkling glitter over the top coat before it dries. Put your hand over a tissue to catch any glitter spills. Do one nail at a time ? sprinkle the glitter over and press down lightly on each nail and then tidy up sides of each nail with a small brush.

Holo squares, gold crowns, gold chain & studs could be glued with nail glue on top of your second polish colour coat once it?s dry. Press down and hold for a couple of seconds or until attached. Then apply your clear top coat over top of decorated nail. Alternatively you can glue them on top of your top coat.

About CND

Founded in 1979, CND is a global leader in professional nail care and beauty for hands and feet. CND have developed toxin free, high quality, award-winning nail and beauty products with unwavering commitment for over 40 years. Their innovative and reliable products are sought after and valued worldwide in 63 countries. CND are proud to have revolutionized the nail industry and meticulously research and test each of their products in their state of the art laboratory to ensure that every product meets their exact standard of nurturing the natural nail and pampering hands and feet. The products all contain extra nourishing ingredients to take the very best care of you. Be smart, be beautiful with CND.

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