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CND™ Perfect Colour Sculpting Powder - Clear 104gm


Incredible, advanced, sculpting powders. Mix with either of our award winning sculpting liquids to create designable, indestructible enhancements, a system that provides control like no other! 

WHAT THEY ARE: Sculpting powders with a creamy, light workability. For use with RETENTION+ or RADICAL SOLARNAIL Sculpting Liquids.

WHAT THEY DO: Creates colour-stable, strong, durable enhancements with a scratch-resistant, high-shine finish. Activate the cross-linking and polymerisation of RETENTION+ and RADICAL SOLARNAIL Sculpting Liquids

WHY YOU NEED THEM: CND powders are truly moldable formulas, specifically designed to hold shape and to build enhancements.  Instantly create shape and length for clients over their natural nail, tips or forms for nails that require dramatic transformation.

Perfect Colour Powders are available in eight hues so you can also custom-blend the colours and coverage of the powders. Creating unique enhancements that are perfectly suited to each client. Available in Clear, Sheer and Opaque coverage.  

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Perform correct P.E.P. and ensure the nail is thoroughly cleansed and prepared. Apply NailPrime, if desired. Sculpt the nail using the correct mix ratio of 1.5 parts liquid to 1-part powder. Shape and refine using CND files and buffers.

Opacity - Clear

AVAILABLE SIZES:  22 g (.8 oz), 104 g (3.7 oz)


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