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CND - Proseries - Gel Brush Flat Square #6


WHAT THEY ARE: Synthetic sculpting brush with durable, clear acrylic handle.

WHAT THEY DO: Our brushes allow for easy pick-up and product application.

WHY YOU NEED THEM: To ensure easy sculpting with smooth control.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Before each use, dip gel brush into sculpting gel and pull out a small amount of product. Place brush onto a lint-free pad and work brush back and forth, removing any air bubbles and fully wetting brush.

Storage: Store horizontally in a sculpting brush case with a solvent resistant liner, or in a drawer designated for sculpting brushes, lined with a disposable lint-free towel.

Avoid exposure to sun, UV or table lamps.


Gel Flat Oval #6 - Flat, oval brush head with traditional handle length.

Gel Flat Square #6 - Flat, oval brush head with traditional handle length.

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