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CND - Retention+ Sculpting Liquid 236ml


Strong, secure and superior bonding. RETENTION+ sculpting liquid is a keratin-bonding, cross linking sculpting liquid for lift-prone clients. Create enhancements with superior adhesion!

Use RETENTION+ Liquid with Retention+ Sculpting Powder or Perfect Colour Sculpting Powder for custom blended colours and complete nail artistry freedom.

WHAT IT IS: A keratin-bonding, cross-linking sculpting liquid best suited for lift-prone clients.

WHAT IT DOES: Creates enhancements with superior adhesion to the natural nail.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Use on clients with enhancements that are prone to lifting. Excellent adhesion makes primer use optional. Create thin, flexible, resilient nail enhancements with CND’s award-winning sculpting liquids.

FEATURED INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS: Ethyl Methacrylate: An important monomer used in most artificial nail liquids. Despite its strong and distinctive odour, this monomer has twice been determined to be “safe as used by Nail Professionals” according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review expert panel (CIR) (1995, 2002).

Hydroxyethyl Methyltolylamine: A catalyst in the liquid monomer that activates the benzoyl peroxide initiator in the polymer powder.

Drometrizole: Added to prevent discolouration and breakdown of nail enhancements, polish, topcoats, and treatments. Also used to stabilize the colour of cosmetic formulations.

Isostearyl Isononanoate: Increases the strength and flexibility of enhancements.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Perform correct P.E.P. and ensure the nail is thoroughly cleansed and prepared. Apply NailPrime, if desired. Sculpt the nail in 3 zones using a mix ratio of 1.5 parts liquid to 1-part powder. Shape and refine using CND™ files and buffers.


118ml, 236ml, 473ml or 946ml

Preorder in 1894ml or 3785ml sizes.

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