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2510 Baguette - Crystal 3.7 x 1.9mm (10 Pack)

Swarovski Crystals come in packets of 10 or 100 that can be mixed and matched to your hearts desire.

Choose your own combination to create a nail art design that is literally one of a kind. These shimmering Flat Backs can be added to any lacquer base for a beautiful delicate look.

Pair these pretty little sparkling crystals with CRYSTALPIXIE Tiny Treasures Crystal Caviar balls or CRYSTALPIXIE Tiny Treasures Nail Piercings, and turn your fingertips into miniature works of art!

Directions for Application - Tiny Treasures are super fun.

If using CND Vinylux ,that doesn't require a base coat, then apply your two colour layers, allowing to dry between layers and then completely.

Apply nail glue to the nail, apply your choice Tiny Treasures to the nail with a crystal picker and gently position the gems, allow the nail glue to dry and then apply top coat.


If you are using it with a gel-polish like CND Shellac or CND Creative Play gel-polish, you would prepare the nails as you usually would and apply one coat of gel base coat and then apply two coats of colour, curing after each.

Apply nail glue to the nail, apply your choice of Tiny Treasures gems to the nail with a crystal picker, gently position the gems to the perfect spot and then press down firmly, allow the nail glue to dry and then finish with the correct top coat and cure.

A small nail art brush can be used to gently apply the top coat around the gems.

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