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Swarovski Tiny Treasures - Crystal Caviar GREEN

CRYSTALPIXIE Tiny Treasures Crystal Caviar come in perfect tiny packets. These tiny 3D beads can be used on an individual nail or mixed and matched to your hearts desire.

Choose your own combination to create a nail art design that is literally one of a kind. Crystal Caviar can be used with any lacquer base for a beautiful delicate look.

Directions for Application - Tiny Treasures are super fun.

If using CND Vinylux, apply your two colour layers, allowing to dry between layers and then completely.

Apply top coat and while still wet sprinkle the Crystal Caviar over the nail. If applying to all nails apply to a couple of nails at a time so the top coat doesn't dry to quickly.


If you are using it with a gel-polish like CND Shellac or CND Creative Play gel-polish, prepare the nails as you usually would and apply one coat of gel base coat and then apply two coats of colour, curing after each.

Apply the correct top coat, apply Crystal Caviar and cure.

Nail Glue can be used to secure the Crystal Caviar prior to top coat if preferred. A small nail art brush can be used to gently apply the top coat around the gems.

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